How to Make a Humidor

A step-by-step guide to make a cigar humidor

Is it easy hard to make a homemade humidor project

Is it easy to make a homemade humidor project?

A cigar humidor is simply a box which is designed to age and store cigars within a specific humidity range, often from 65% to 70%. The main purpose is to preserve and keep cigars in the best conditions for several years thanks to a humidification system that can remove or add moisture from the inside.
Rather than buying a humidor, you can easily build one on your own with simple tools and materials. This doesn’t only make it more inexpensive but also allow you to add any features to meet your needs. In this guide, we’ll show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a humidor.

What you will need to make a humidor

– A humidifier
– A Hygrometer
– Hardwood for interior parts
– Spanish cedar for interior parts
– Wood glue
– Polyurethane finish
– Hardware

Step 1: Plan the cigar humidor

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the overall dimensions of the humidor. Make sure to take into consideration the number and size of cigars that you will store. In this guide, we’ll show a plan for a box of 46 x 23 x 15 centimeters, which an interior divider which is 25 centimeters from the left side.

Step 2: Build the humidor

Cut all wooden boards to fit the calculated sizes for the humidor’s sides. The top lid should be 23 x 46 centimeters. The bottom is 19 x 42 centimeters. The bottom should be smaller than the top lid to make sure the sides would cover the side edges of the bottom. The back and front are 14 x 46 centimeters. The sides are 13 x 23 centimeters. Joint the ends of the sides, back, and front 45 degrees to create the box’s corners.
The next step is to cut four 2x2-centimeter pieces of blocking for making the stop on the box lid’s underside which would create an airtight seal when closed. Use wood glue and nails to assemble the box. Hold all pieces together tightly with clamps and wait at least 1 hour for the glue to dry.

Step 3: Sand and finish

Sand the interior and exterior to create an even polyurethane coating. Apply 5 coats for the exterior and 2 for the interior. Sand in between exterior coats with steel wool for a polished and smooth feel and look on the humidor.

Step 4: Line with Spanish cedar

Cut 1-centimeter Spanish cedar liners and glue them into your cigar humidor. Make sure to cover all of the interior areas. They should be unfinished to work properly in taking out excess moisture.

Step 5: Add the hardware

Put the hygrometer inside your humidor with the sensors on the device’s side. Set up the humidifier by gluing it inside the humidor’s top. Next, place the brass knobs at the front part of its lid to create a comfortable and smooth opening action. Lastly, attach hinges into the back of your cigar humidor.

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