How To Make A Garden Workbench

What exactly is a garden workbench?

A garden workbench actually happens to be a platform where any task can be done conveniently in the garden. It is imperative to make this workbench quite heavy so that it does not move while you are working on it. Moreover, it must also not break because of the weight that we might keep on top of it. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned how to make a garden workbench.

Steps to make the workbench:

1. Figure out the footprint of the workbench.

2. The floor level where the front legs will be standing needs to be verified. Try to find out whether the floor is flat enough so that there is no chance for the 4 legs of the workbench to be at different heights.

3. The bench-top planks need to be cut lengthwise and they must likewise be ripped so as to provide even spacing.

4. Cut the shelf planks roughly and put them aside. (By “rough” we mean to leave them 3 to 4 inches longer than what is needed).

5. Put aside the 4 x 4 legs after cutting them. It is imperative that the legs sit directly below the bench-top planks.

6. The rest of the remaining plank stocks have to be ripped into 2 inches by 3 inches board.

7. Four 2 inches by 3 inches long boards need to be cut for the bench-top as well as the shelf support frame.

8. Next, ascertain the shelf height.

9. The bench-top support frame has to be screwed together along with the shelf-support frame by making use of 3 inches galvanized decking or other types of structural screws.

10. A level line must be drawn on the wall and both the frames have to be installed to the wall using a couple of vertical 3” screws at an interval of every 12”. If required, make use of temporary scrap wooden supports.

That’s all! Thus, it is now evident to us how easy it is to make a garden workbench from the scratch. Try ry to showcase your woodworking expertise and start making a workbench for your garden today!

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